American Kingpins Dumping Own Shares at Pace Unseen Since Dotcom Bust

Why are Corporate Kingpins Selling Out?

I recently ran across a series of shocking reports filed to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, revealing bizarre insider activity by CEOs, CFOs, and Board Members from major companies all across America.

It turns out, America’s corporate titans are selling shares in their own companies at a furious pace.

The Walton Family, for example, has sold a combined $2.2 billion shares of the Walmart retail empire.

Executives at cosmetics giant Estee Lauder and athletic clothing maker Lululemon are selling out, too.

And get this…

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently sold off nearly $3 billion worth of his own company’s stock.

As I dug a bit deeper, I found a stat that should raise a red flag for every American.

Shockingly, corporate kingpins are dumping shares at a rate unseen since the days before the DotCom disaster.  

What exactly is going on?  And what does it mean for your money?

It turns out, just as corporate insiders are dumping shares of their own companies at a disturbing pace…

Many of America’s richest, most widely-followed investors – folks like David Einhorn, Jeffrey Gundlach, and Stanley Druckenmiller — are pouring billions of dollars into a different corner of the market.   

Hard-asset expert Bill Shaw has put together a brief presentation to explain this shocking phenomenon – and to show how it could send a specific $7 investment soaring in the weeks ahead. 

Today, you can watch it, free of charge — right here. 

Even if you don’t own a single share of Wal Mart, Estee Lauder or Amazon – or any other major American firm – this development could have a dramatic impact on your life. 

Go here to see the rest of the story.

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